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How The Blade Of A Lawn Mower Blades Works 2019-01-11

1. roller type lawn mower

Grass machine. A drum type lawn mower is usually equipped with 1~4 vertical cylindrical or conical rollers. Each drum is equipped with a cutter head articulated with 2~6 mower blades, and there is a certain overlap of the rotary track of the blade on adjacent knives, so as to avoid leakage. The drum is driven by a belt or bevel gear, and the adjacent two rollers rotate relative to each other. The cut grass is laid back into neat rows of grass on the back of a pair of rollers. It can meet the requirements of low cutting, but the structure is not compact enough.

2. turntable lawn mower

The transmission device of the rotary lawn mower (Rotarymower) is located at the bottom of the cutter head, but the cutter head has a higher position because of the transmission device below. To ensure low cutting and reduce heavy cutting, the cutterhead usually inclines forward to a certain angle. When the resistance is too high or the obstacle is encountered, the blade will swing back to ensure personal safety. There are also knife knives articulated with special nylon rope to cut grass by centrifugal force. The blades on adjacent knives are interlaced with each other, and the rotation paths of the blades have a certain overlap. The cutter head is usually driven by a gear, and the steering of adjacent knives is opposite. The structure is compact, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

3. lawn mower

The lawn mower is also called the lawn mower. The height of the stubble after the grass cutting should be determined according to the requirements of the lawn. The height of the cut is 1/3 of the original height of the grass. Because of the special structure of the herbicide, the cutting can only be cut along the slope, but can not be cut down the slope. In special places, such as turning on a sloping field, be especially careful. Be careful of caves, trenches, mounds, and other obstacles in the grass.


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