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Common Problems In The Blade Of A Mower Blade 2019-01-11

Have you ever had problems with lawn mower blades when using lawnmowers? How did you solve it? The following points are the problems we often encounter when we use them. You might as well have a look. Why does the lawn mower tremble? It

1. In the course of using the mower, the blade of the mower hits the stone, the tree root, the small pile or other foreign objects, which causes the blade to curl and deform, and causes the crankshaft to bend so that the lawn machine is shivering; 2, the weight of the blade of the blade is unequal after the sharpening. The correct method of operation is to use the screwdriver to pass through the center screw of the blade after sharpening the knife. The blade should be worn on the left and right sides before wearing it. 3. The lawn mower of the knife plate, if one of the blade is on the knife plate, or the weight of the two blade is different, it will cause the lawn mower to shake after starting. The remedy is to replace the flings in time. If the lawn mower is cutting the grass, the blade of the lawn mower is not sharp.

After your lawn is pruned, the lawn is still messy. In most cases, the blade is blunt. The blunt blade is very destructive to the lawn. Because the torn grass leaves are more vulnerable to the wound than the tidy and cut grass leaves, the bacteria are easily invaded, so the grass is often turned into white gray after a blunt force cutting, and it becomes yellow after one or two days. The blade must be grind every ten days, and the blade of the hob can be worn every three months. If the grass leaves are firm and tough, the sharpening cycle should be shortened. What are the reasons why mowers vibrate in their work? It

There are several reasons for this phenomenon: 1, the blade of the lawn mower is not balanced by bending or wear; 2, the crankshaft is bending due to impact; 3, the blade is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, causing unbalance; 4, the fixed screw screw of the engine, and so on; 5, engine base damage. How to cut grass in a lawn mower? It

The air filter is removed and cleaned. If it can not be cleaned, replace it. Check whether the blade of the lawn mower is sharp. If it is blunt, it needs polishing. In addition, if the lawn is thick, if it is, the size of the lawn should be improved and the load of the engine reduced.