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The Key Points Before The Hedge Trimmer Is Working. 2019-01-11

Precautions for fuel use before the hedge trimmer operation


1. The fuel used in the engine of the hedge trimmer is a mixture of engine oil and gasoline, which is a flammable product. Please do not refuel or store fuel in places such as incinerators, burners, stoves, etc. that may cause ignition.


2. Do not smoke while working or refueling.


3, there is no fuel in the process of use, must first stop the engine, admit that there is no fireworks around and then refueling.


4. If the fuel is spilled when refueling, the fuel attached to the body must be wiped clean before the engine can be started.


5. Seal the container after refueling, and then start the engine at a distance of more than 3 meters from the fuel container.

What are the most important things before the hedge trimmer


Precautions before work


1. Before starting the work, first understand the situation on the site (the nature of the terrain, the nature of the hedge, the location of the obstacle, the surrounding danger, etc.), and remove the obstacles that can be moved.


2, centered on the operator, within 15 meters radius as a dangerous area, in order to prevent others from entering the area, it is necessary to use ropes to surround or stand up wooden signs to show up. In addition, when several people work together, they should greet each other from time to time and maintain a certain safe distance.


3. Before starting the operation, carefully check the various parts of the body, and start working after acknowledging that there are no loose screws, oil leakage, damage or deformation. In particular, the blade and the blade connection area should be carefully viewed.


4. Recognize that the blade can be used without chipping, cracking or bending. It is certainly not possible to use an abnormal blade that has appeared.


5. Please use sharp sharpened blades.


6. When grinding the blade, in order to avoid the chipping of the blade, the root of the tooth must be curved.


7. After tightening the screw on the screw, first roll the blade with your hand to check if there is any up and down or abnormal sound. If it is swayed up and down, it may cause abnormal oscillation or looseness of the fixed part of the blade.