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What Should I Do If The Mower Blade Cannot Be Screwed 2019-01-11

What Should I Do If The Mower Blade Cannot Be Screwed?

The use of lawn mowers is much more efficient than manual use when cutting weeds. If the friend who is using it for the first time, when screwing the screw on the blade, if it can not be screwed or screwed down, please refer to the following Machine blade screw experience

1. The blade of this mower is fixed on the long rod of the mower by a large nut below. If the nut is only screwed with a wrench, the whole cutter will follow, so that the screw is screwed. Not down.

2. At this time, you need to take out a fixed handle (the one with the yellow handle in the figure below) and a socket wrench. These two pieces are usually included when you purchase the mower.

3. Find the circular part above the mower blade. There will be a small hole on it. Carefully slide the blade slowly. Through this hole, you can see a small hole in it.

4. When the two holes are aligned, now take out the handle that holds the blade and insert it until it reaches the small hole inside.

5. Now, you can use the socket wrench to start screwing the fixing nut under the blade. When screwing, pay attention to the direction, don't screw it back.

6. In this way, the screw on the mower blade can be smoothly unscrewed. It can also be seen from the following figure that the fixed handle is directly inserted into the metal ring above the rotating shaft of the blade, so that when the screw is screwed, the blade Will not turn together.

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